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Dear Parents, if you hesitate if the BabyTum™ is a price worth, I will definitely say “YES”. Listen to our story… Our 5 weeks old son had a huge stomach ache which was result from colic. We didn’t sleep for a long time. One night I was carrying and hugging our Little One, the other my husband. We spent a fortune for medicines which didn’t work. It was a terrible time to see how our baby’s suffering. One day when I was scrolling my social media, I noticed ad of colic relief baby cushion BabyTum™. I clicked “Buy now” and it was the best decision! The cushion was delivered very fast. It doesn’t make that colic disappeared in a magic way, but it provides our son relief and comfort. The cushion has a many good options such as gentle tummy vibrations or calming heartbeat sound. It provides swaying and baby is calming immediately. BabyTum™ provides tummy massage for winding baby and relieving the tummy ache. In this way we survived this “colic time” with happy time. I recommend this product to everyone! The cushion is price worth.

Catherine, 34 y.o.