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BabyTum™ comfort cushion is designed by experiences physiotherapist and patented in the European Union in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The cushion allows to use bouncers or rockers in the healthy way. BabyTum™ cushion is made in 100% in Poland (EU). We use the highest quality fabrics with many attests and certificates.

Make your baby totally settled

Newborn are unsettled and crying because a new environment, outside mummy’s belly, is unknown and they feel unsafe. BabyTum™ comfort cushion provides only the best for your Little One: small space, rhythmic swaying, heartbeat sound and soothing vibrations. The baby feels like it was carrying under your heart. BabyTum™ is a compact connection of tummy time, recommended by all specialists, with smoothing swaying and watching the natural environment.


  • Provides womb-like position, heat beat sound and swaying
  • Improves the digestion and dispel wind and trapped gas
  • Reduces colic
  • Prevents against the low and high muscles tones
  • Provides soothing and comforting
  • Improves eye coordination exercises
  • Allows to watch the natural environment
  • Improves coordination and balance
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Your Little one doesn’t like silence. In your pregnant belly your baby heard your heart and other sounds like blood moving. He or she needs it for approx. 3 first months for being smooth and calm. That’s why you can assemble “Mommy’s heart beat” vibration. This device has 3-speed vibrations and gentle heart beat sound. It massages baby’s tummy slightly. Your baby is settled and happy.

Product specification

The overall size of the product is 63 cm long by 38 cm wide.
It can be adapted to fit the most common standard rockers and bouncers.
You can also use it on its own*.

*BabyTum™ is an additional equipment for your bouncer/rocker. It is not a bed or mattress to sleep. Always supervise during use. Tummy time is healthy for your baby and strengthen the muscles. But, front sleeping can pose a suffocation risk and is thought to increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so it is necessary to monitor the baby lying on the BabyTum™ cushion. For information on rocker compatibility please consult your bouncer/rocker instruction manual (dimensions). The vibrator requires 2 x 1.5v ‘C’ batteries (not supplied).