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Natural solution for your baby’s comfort!

The highest
quality colic relief cushion

Innovative, patented design. Soothing tummy vibrations and calming heartbeat sound. Colic and reflux relief. Flat head syndrome protection. Skin-friendly certified fabrics.


Natural solution for calming a crying baby. Attach it to any rocker or bouncer and provide relief to the baby. BabyTum™ is compatible with most of standard rockers and bouncers. Also, you can use it on its own.


Product features

COLIC & RELUX BabyTum™ improves digestion. Eliminates time taken to wind baby and relieves the tummy ache.

FLAT HEAD BabyTum™ helps to fix the baby’s head shape. Prevents flat-head syndrome and allows baby to look around.

INTERNAL HEARTBEAT Gentle heartbeat sound replicates a womb and your heart. It means less crying and more contentment. 3 sound levels.

VIBRATION & TUMMY MASSAGE Soothing vibrations relieve a painful tummy and provide baby calm and comfort.

HAPPY TUMMY TIME Tummy time is important for cognitive development. It strengthens muscles and promotes motor skills.

CALMING & COMFORTING Baby feels safe in BabyTum™. Womb-like position, soothing vibrations and heartbeat sound make your baby happy.

SWAYING BabyTum™ cushion use feathers of swaying and rocking in baby rockers or bouncers. It helps develop a child’s sense of balance and stimulates to sitting, crawling and walking.

0-6 MONTHS Newborns are crying and unsettled because they feel unsafe in a new world. BabyTum™ comfort cushion provides only the best for your Little One: small space, rhythmic swaying, heartbeat sound and soothing vibrations. The baby feels like it was carrying under your heart.  

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Why everyone loves

BabyTum™ colic cushion is a good choice. In my work I meet a lot of children with low or high muscle tone. When the child is lying on the soft surface too long, the hands and feet are with high tone. This kind of result we observe when child is using the rockers or bounces. In this kind of baby accessories, the product controls the trunk, not muscles. Due to this fact, the baby is kicking and waving his arms. It looks funny, but it is not like that. When I explain to parents that this “picture” is not funny and it is undesired, they are surprised. Daily using of rockers and bouncers leads to development delay, such as: late rolling, crawling, sitting and pulling up. This delay results in educational problems, writing and hand-eye coordination in future. 
Thanks to BabyTum™ cushion, parents can use bouncers and rockers for natural way of swaying without worries about child’s psychomotor development. BabyTum™ cushion provides happy tummy time what’s the best way for improving muscles strength, prevents against the flat head syndrome and enhances observational learning. Highly recommended!

Karolina, Paediatric physiotherapist

Dear Parents, if you hesitate if the BabyTum™ is a price worth, I will definitely say “YES”. Listen to our story… Our 5 weeks old son had a huge stomach ache which was result from colic. We didn’t sleep for a long time. One night I was carrying and hugging our Little One, the other my husband. We spent a fortune for medicines which didn’t work. It was a terrible time to see how our baby’s suffering. One day when I was scrolling my social media, I noticed ad of colic relief baby cushion BabyTum™. I clicked “Buy now” and it was the best decision! The cushion was delivered very fast. It doesn’t make that colic disappeared in a magic way, but it provides our son relief and comfort. The cushion has a many good options such as gentle tummy vibrations or calming heartbeat sound. It provides swaying and baby is calming immediately. BabyTum™ provides tummy massage for winding baby and relieving the tummy ache. In this way we survived this “colic time” with happy time. I recommend this product to everyone! The cushion is price worth.

Catherine, 34 y.o.


Our story

My name is Sylwia and I’m a happy Mom and Wife like you. Also, I’m a physiotherapis. When our son was born, our world was turned upside down. Many sleepless nights, colic, tummy ache … it was our daily life…

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